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Sunday, August 30, 2015

New update on the current painting; Working in egg/varnish tempera

Stephanie Tihanyi- under painting to current artwork

Here is some new photos of the current painting. Excuse the light, I took it under normal light bulb at night, but I do paint in the day under natural light only. I have working to bring out new highlights on the angels wings and armor as well as the tigers face and plants. I am leaving the face and arm till later as these have to be done with higher sensitivity.

I am going to follow my hero Austrian visionary painter, Ernst Fuchs and try to imitate his use of intense vivid color back grounds. For me it would be a great chance to learn by practice his amazing technique (I have painted the white egg tempera under paint at the top and will continue a little at the sides. Below are two works by Ernst Fuchs
Ernst Fuchs-Angel head on blue background

Ernst Fuchs