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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Detail Obsessed Artist

Under-painting in egg tempera
and oil on new work -Stephanie Tihanyi
Under-painting on new work
(oil and egg tempera) Stephanie Tihanyi
I having a thoroughly absorbing busy day alone in my tiny studio, doing what I love. Absorbed in that timeless dimension, wandering free in that empire of detail. I am working on new painting, putting dark lights into the red/gold duo-chrome of the under-painting to gain a sense of depth and relief in the foliage and corner of the wings, seen in this detail. Next step would be to go over it again high-lighting with the egg-tempera (in the old masters of the Flemish tradition, such as Jan van Eyck), but that's a far off land for now. This ability to endure and even enjoy long hours of hyper focusing detailing work is a gift of my autism. Its the ability to continue to happily work at something in isolation, where many would give up after a short while.  For all the challenges being on the autistic spectrum has given me throughout my life, I would not ever, ever trade it for anything.