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Monday, February 23, 2015

The 5Day Art Challenge: Artistic Development

Me, getting an early start Photo- Stephanie Tihanyi
(all copyright held by the artist)
It was begun online, on Facebook by my fellow artists of the Visionary Art community, (this is where we all connect and come together from our far flung and many times obscure places across the globe). The 5 Day Art Challenge. The one (artist) nominated, had to post 3 pictures of their work each day for 5 days. Each day they had to nominate another artist friend to do the same. We had to include work we did years ago, up until where we are now. It was a great exercise for me to frame my development by creating a simple brief timeline. Here it is from my Facebook page:

1) The Owl and the Badger-by S. Tihanyi (all copyrights held by the artist)

2) The Broken- Hearted Machine- by S. Tihanyi (all copyrights held by the artist)

3) My Grandmothers Yard- by S. Tihanyi (all copyrights held by the artist)
Feb 19 Day One 5Day Art Challenge: Thank you fellow artist, Dakini for nominating me for the 5 Day are Challenge, where I get to post 3 works, old or new, for 5 days and nominate another artist to do the same. Here are some very early works back when I lived in Luton in the UK. I worked on the assembly line as a welder at Vauxhalls car factory. I welded wheel arches in the day and painted at night. 1988- 1990. 'The Owl & the Badger'- oil on wood, 'The Broken-Hearted Machine'- gouache and dry pastels on paper, 'My Grandmothers Yard, Pecs, Hungary, (with the old walnut tree)- acrylic on board'
Today I nominate Brian Lovebug Joseph to take up the challenge.

1) The Angel & the FireCat- by S.Tihanyi (all copyrights are held by the artist)

2) Crown of 12 Suns- by S.Tihanyi (all copyrights are held by the artist)

3) The Corn Goddess-by S. Tihanyi 9all copyrights are held by the artist)

20 Feb Day Two: 5Day Art Challenge: Early sketch for a later painting (Angel and the FireCat) -Dry pastels on paper.  'Crown of 12 Suns' -egg tempera on wood panel. 'The Corn Goddess' -black & white sketch on board. These I did before leaving the UK, before 1993. After that, I did not paint for sometime.
Today I nominated : Artist, Quadri Di Gio Curioni

1) The Frigate Birds of Coralitia- by S. Tihanyi (all copyrights are held by the artist)

2) The Reef Diver- by S. Tihanyi (all copyrights are held by the artist)

3) Kestrel in the Meadow- by S. Tihanyi (all copyrights are held by the artist)

21 Feb Day Three: 5Day Art Challenge: When I came to live in the Caribbean in 1993, I lost my connection to my home and found myself an outsider in an emerging country that was forging a nationalistic identity through a shared Caribbean heritage. I struggled with the feeling of being irrelevant and a non-belonger, but I found a place in producing works that studied the outer world of my tropical environment and nature's stunning beauty. 'Frigate birds by Coralitia'-acrylic on canvas, 'The Reed Diver'- oil on canvas, 'The Kestrel in the Meadow'- limited edition linocut print on paper.
For todays challenge, I nominate: Ross Trebilcock

1) Old House in Marigot- by S.Tihanyi (all copyrights are held by the artist)

2) Flamboyant Flux- by S.Tihanyi (all copyrights are held by the artist)

3) The Rainbow Tree of Life DNA- by S. Tihanyi
(all copyrights are held by the artist)
Feb 22 Day Four: 5Day Art Challenge: Up until 2008-2012, I produced artwork to fit to the conservative, commercial art tastes around me, being told so constantly, that to be successful, I had to do what people want. So I did. Then the 2008 crash happened. Since then and till the present day, art buying dried up more every year, along with the art galleries. Cruise ship tourists grew, but spent rarely on art. It was a blessing in a way, because it made me face the fact I had lost an important part of myself as an artist. I had blocked my artistic development. Through a period of depression, I finally decided to listen to my own voice again and gradually introduced the surreal-ness back into my work, risking the chance of attaining general appeal or local marketability. I decided, I would rather be true to myself even if I never sell another painting again. ' The Old House in Marigot - limited edition linocut print on watercolor paper'. 'Flamboyant Flux' acrylic on canvas, 'The Rainbow Tree of Life'- oil on board.
Today, I nominate artist: Lukifer Aurelius
1) Dweller Between the Worlds- by S. Tihanyi
(all copyrights are held by the artist)

2) Cup of Abundance- by S.Tihanyi
 (all copyrights are held by the artist)

3) I shall Fear No Evil-by  S. Tihanyi
(all copyrights are held by the artist)

Feb 23 Day Five: 5Day Art Challenge: In 2012, I made a bold step of opening a small art gallery, because all the galleries were disappearing and I had nowhere to show or sell my work, Unfortunately it closed two years later, proving unfeasible. I felt very isolated and alone, partly because of the actual physical reality of working as an artist, but also because of the difference in the aims, objectives and nature of that art. If Visionary art is seen as 'Outstream or off the main by the Mainstream art world, here, its never seen at all. I know most people thought, 'why does she paint that strange stuff, don't she know she has no hope of anyone going to buy it'. Actually, I thought this a lot myself. This loneliness made me begin looking for others like me, others that would accept me. It was such a wonderful thing that through Facebook, I discovered the Visionary Art Tribe. At last, my people! A collective of people stretched out across the globe, a supportive fellowship of artists who have in common, a genuine love of appreciating and making visionary, surreal and spiritual art. These dedicated people are the real counter-current to that which is touted as 'modern art' by the present art establishment. At last, people who understand, what it is I do. Seeing the very high skill level of these artists, I knew I needed to go and study more. That spring of 2014 I went to Austria, Payerbach to learn painting techniques, Old Masters New Visions: from the 'masters of mische', Philip Rubinov Jacobson and Mantra Cora. I think its true to say this has had a big effect on my painting and the strengthening of my confidence and vision. 'Dweller between the Worlds'- acrylic on canvas.
'Cup of Abundance'- Mische oil/egg, I shall Fear No Evil'- Mische oil/egg.