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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Commissined works: A portrait of Margret

A step by step view of my painting a portrait of Margret, in the manner of the mid-14th, 15th century Renaissance painters known as Mische technique, an oil/egg resin based technique applied to a wood panel.

Portrait of Margret Step 1. The drawing is sketched in a titanium white-egg tempera on the red earth ground, that is painted upon a wooden panel

Portrait of Margret Step 2. The painting has been given a glaze of cadium yellow and more titanium white egg/tempera has been worked over the top, correcting and defining more selective highlights

Finished my portrait of Donna's mom, Margret, who sits in the garden surrounded by flowering West Indian cedar trees. Margret comes from Dominican Republic and is partly descended from Arawak (Taino) Indians.

A painting of Margret by Stephanie Tihanyi
(all copyright held by the artist)