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Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Art Work- 'A Mote In Gods Eye'

Its not easy to paint a vast sub-atomic universe. I am currently doing a triptych and am 2 thirds through the first one. Just only now, feeling a little daunted about the amount of work its going to take me. I know some of the best illustrator/artists undertake projects that last months, so got to stay focused and disciplined , will give updates as work progresses.

I am no daughter of the soil, I am not from here, I am, but dust, stellar dust, but, "A mote in Gods eye" a small corner detail of current painting I am working on -  August 19th

Its about looking for a place to call home, a place to feel you truly belong but when you find there is none and you never feel you belong anywhere, you begin to realize, that you belong to the cosmos. I am working hard to finish it.


                             detail of painting- 'A Mote in Gods Eye'  
                             by StephanieTihanyi (copyright held by artist)

Working hard very day, painting every spare minuet, it seems the more I work on this painting the more mystery it reveals for me to paint- Aug 19th

         detail of painting- 'A Mote in Gods Eye' by Stephanie Tihanyi
                                                                (copyright held by artist)

Well I have been working hard, painting on and off during the week and Saturday and Sunday, sometimes at 2pm into the night, still working on my latest painting, 'A Mote in Gods Eye' . Here is a small detail on the upper corner, 'space and time curves around a gravitational well as a cradle of new yellow stars just avoid being caught up in it due to their velocities. - Sept 1