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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dark Energy of the Quintessence

Painting by Stephanie Tihanyi (copyright held by artist)

"Dark Fluid sits in pools, in the gravitation wells, of the rippled fabric, of expanding space /time"  (a detail of) 'Dark Energy'- by Stephanie Tihanyi(copyright held by artist)

From the beginning of 2013 I have begun to embark on a new journey in my life and my art. I had felt a universal pressure to finish and start a new more focused, deeper track to explore my own unique potential as early as 2012. That year felt for me to be a year where all things finally reach the end of an evolutionary cycle. A reckoning of things coming to pass, where conclusions or revelations are finally reveled or wrapped up, whether its positive of negative depends upon the activities cause and effect and how it is handled . These things could be external in our environment or they could be things taking place on a level deeply inside us. I think I accepted this changing and as a result experienced an an awakening and expansion of awareness of myself and the world around me. My thoughts have lead me to what force leads to this expansion. By what manner or means do we increase and expand in consciousness ( the expansion of new neural pathways in the brain). Does inspiration have a physical relation to quantum reality? . I guess one could look for a religious, spiritual or pseudo science explanation but I do not want to go that far, (its not far enough). Through my artistic imagery, I only wish to explore, with fascinated curiosity, the interesting mirrors and patterns that occur in subjective experience and the nature of the universe, without trying to play scientist or get religious.
Dark energy and what dark energy is, is a topic of interest and speculation among the world’s scientific theorists of today. It is at the cutting edge of our current ideas about the very nature of the universe in which we live and more. Current research seems to prove that all energy is expanding in the universe and this mysterious dark energy is thought to be the reason for this.
'Dark Energy' - by Stephanie Tihanyi

So what is this dark energy?

There’s two main ideas, one that it’s a constant uniform energy filling all space, or its is a fluctuating energy, that can vary its presence in space and time. I like the second one, called 'Quinessence'Of course many things about dark energy are still matters of speculation. Evidence of it still not straight forward but its three pillars are,
(a) the fact that the universe is accelerating in its expansion, (b) a theoretical need for an alternative energy that is not matter or dark matter to form the observed flat universe, (c) it explains large wave- patterns of mass density in the universe.
detail of 'Dark Energy' by Stephanie Tihanyi (copyright held by artist)

In quintessence, dark energy has a large wave length and has a light field but it is moving and dynamic, it dose not clump together to form dense stuff like matter, it, unlike the uniform constant theories of dark energy, can be an attracting or repulsing force depending on the rate of its movement and potential energy. It can shift and ripple in strength, action and behavior.

A new body of artwork

It is my desire to explore these themes in my work in a more intense and focused way. By the end of April, I will no longer run the gallery and will be able to devote my time and energy to this work. It is my aim to be able to complete enough work within a year to find a gallery to hold a solo exhibition outside of my locale.