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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Absence of (emotional) Gravity?

The Absence of Gravity -by Stephanie Tihanyi (copyright held by artist)

Material for the hidden subconscious and the content of dreams has been the core and inspiration of most of my art work. The above painting comes directly from an recurring dream. Though now painted it no longer occurs as much, maybe because it is now in the possession of my conscious mind. It is said that all humans dream. According to Jung the symbols of our dreams are held and kept alive in the collective unconscious and passed down in each generation through our art and culture. There has been noted similarities in dream themes around the world and in different cultures. Although dream content is countlessly rich in diversity, it has been researched that there have been identified as many as 12 themes that seem common to all. I wonder also about the uncommon ones too and if my occurring dream is uncommon or not. Never the less, uncommon or not they are all highly mysterious to us and come with an emotional depth and insight and intelligence that often surpasses our conscious thinking brain, by light years. I will now recount the content of one of my re-occurring dreams and in brackets make analytical notes for myself.

It starts in the early morning and it starts with me believing I have woken up from a night of sleep, (woken up). I get out of bed and leave the house by the back door and go out onto the beach in the backyard. Its cool and the sun has not come over the hills yet. The air is very still and the sky and flat reflected sea, are a pale soft blue. The stillness is very palatable and (stillness) there is total silence, like in a vacuum. There are no sounds of traffic, no dogs that bark , no breeze to rustle leaves, it feels like everything has stopped and been (switched off). There are no people on the beach. and there is a very profound sense of dissociation and disconnectedness. I am alone it seems and something strange has happened, something very odd has taken place. I lift my eyes to the sky and its as if I have seen it for the first time, its there, I see it now. The sky is filled, not with clouds but with trees!. Receding way up into the stratosphere and way out over the horizon, trees!. Trees of all types, shapes and sizes lay horizontally, (suspended) in the sky it seems. I am stuck in awe. It appears they do not move but when I look move carefully, I can see that they are drifting very very slowly on an (unseen, un-felt) breeze, high above me.

 I am quite taken aback. What is this?. How can this be, this is not normal. Something has happened to the world, the physical world, to the planet!. What has happened to the gravity?, its been (switched off)...sort of. Now I am seriously alarmed! Amid all this seeming stillness and tranquillity, this is very disturbing!. I look for answers and it strikes me, some one has 'done something' to the planet's gravity!. The planet's gravity! What!, that's like one of the fundamental laws of nature, of the universe even, you cant mess with that!. That's what holds things together, and now its gone!. I begin trying to figure out who could of done it and why. It occurs to me that maybe someone, scientists, or who the hell knows, have been exploring, fiddling with or experimenting with a new kind of bomb or technology that has inadvertently altered the 'very laws of gravity!'. Jeez!!, now they have gone and fucked things up! Now they finally gone and done it!. they fucked up something so essential as gravity and now we are all screwed big time!. Even though it all looks nice and tranquil and uneventful,, something, really really big has gone down, that's irreversible.

 Things have been altered..., and altered for good or bad?, we don't yet know. The repercussions of what has been done, with this messing with the laws of 'cause and effect' we are not prepared for!. Is this partly because it is beyond our knowledge! or because of our disconnectedness to the natural world of consequences. Holy shit! what now! and what kind of gravity is it anyway? This of course is when I wake up, feeling quite uneasy.