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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Emergence of the Inner Self Helper

The Aspects of the Self
From the Stone - Stephanie Tihanyi
(copyright held by artist)

The Spirit stepped forth from the Stone,
Emerging slowly, without sound, save for a chiming and tinkerling,
Like small glass bells or birdsong in quartz, echoing,
Small sparking notes tumbled and cascaded and pushed ahead into hard won spaces.

The queen of Sedition put Logic to flight,
in an empty lot of rubble and weeds, a derilict stone site.
Ripping aside the fabric of boundries, upon the infinite Mirror of God,
Altered forces stepped through.
Her many parts, reflections
A multiplicity of bright forms... and winged!,
Concisting of many elements,
both part and seperate.
Golden skin was silver sheened,
The aspect of the face, alien yet familliar,
The crowned head sprung twelve spining galaxies,
Bright suns.

Demeter-Sketch by Stephanie Tihanyi
(copyright held by artist)

I have often wondered what this poem I wrote meant. So here I have tried to analize my own poem. I realise I am writing this is in a detached intellectual mode, but thats all I got right now as these things dont all come together when you want them.
Any infomation is better than nothing I say, who knows I may get something in the future. So here goes.

The aspect (alter, covert or hidden undeveloped part of the personality), emerged from the stone (a frozen or arrested part of the personality).
Emerging slowly, without sound (unbidden, unexpected, without any prior knowledge of, unannounced as of course a split off part of the self would do).
The Queen of Sedition (a female authority archetype that has come to overthrow and upsurp, aided by the unconcious, the false conciouseness)
The fabric of boundries. ( a break in the partitions and intra-psychic walls of dissociation). Mirror of God, (not a pathology but a natural operation).
Her many parts, reflections, a multiplicity of bright forms- and winged, Concisting of many elements, both part and seperate, (Subselves, alters, self-states)
The aspect of the face alien yet familliar, ( the yet unrecognised and co-concious parts of the self)